Welcome to Yourells Salon

A cut that is tailor made just for you, a colour that perfectly compliments your skin tone, products that are exclusively choosen for you. This is fabulous hair all the time. This is Yourells

PRECISION CUTS  A precision cut is about structure, shape and manageability. Our cutting system supports the hair cut keeping it looking better for longer.

STYLING  Great styling needs in-depth consultation to create a style that compliments your overall look for every occasion. Our creative team are always updating their portfolio and adding to our trend collection book (available on our salon I pads) giving you ideas and inspiration.

YOURELLS TWO STAGE CONSULTATION  We focus on you as well as your hair. We look at face shape, head shape, features, hair texture, lifestyle, personal style and image to come up with the best service for you. We give expert advice and recommendations and discuss all possibilities so you can make an informed decision on what you want us to do.

CARE  Hair care and condition is a strong part of our ethos and approach to hair dressing. You will get a full diagnosis of your hair condition and a recommendation on the most appropriate products to use at home and in salon to allow your hair to be at its best.

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PH: 091 563545